5 Signs Its Time for a Service Panel Upgrade in Houston

5 Signs Its Time To Call A Licensed Electrician To Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical panel

It is very inconvenient if you have to call a licensed electrician in the middle of the night due to a fault in your electrical system. There are so many things that can go wrong with a faulty Electrical panel and only a licensed electrician can help you with the repairs when your electrical panel goes bust. But there are certain warning signs that may indicate that your electrical panel requires an upgrade and if you look for them, you can save yourself lot of money.

 What is an Electrical Service Panel?

Electricians Replace 20 Amp Breaker
Electricians identify a 20 amp breaker that has gone bad and replace it.

The electrical panel is the heart of the electrical wiring of your house. The electrical panel receives the power from the grid and distributes it throughout the house. The electrical panel is also called the brain of your home’s electrical system as it is smart enough to know when the interior wiring is getting overloaded and in danger of getting overheated and cause fire. That is why they trip and turn the electricity off automatically and has to be reset manually. Thus electrical panel of your home is the most important electrical system – it not only provides power to all your power hungry appliances, it also keeps you safe from electrical fires.

So when should you call a licensed electrician for a home electrical panel upgrade in Houston Tx:

  1. Old and Faulty Wiring:

    If you buy a house, you may not know when the wiring of your house was upgraded or if it was ever upgraded at all. Old and faulty wiring is a serious fire hazard and you should get that checked out when you notice the following. These signs mean that your electrical panel is not being able to provide proper power to the electrical appliances.updated kitchen electrical wiring

  • Your appliances don’t get enough power for optimal performance
  • Frequently tripping breakers or blowing fuses
  • Using certain appliances simultaneously causes tripped breakers
  • Flickering lights
  • Mild tingling feeling when turning appliances on
  • Crackling sound within the sockets
  • Defective electrical panel that fails to shut off during an overload
  • Electrical panel looks corroded or melted

Your old existing wiring may no longer meet current safety codes and can present fire or shock hazards. Call up a licensed electrician for an electrical service panel upgrade in Houston TX immediately.

  1. Use of fuses instead of circuit breakers:

    If your house was built pre-1970, then it is possible that your house has a fuse based electrical system. While there is nothing wrong with a switch based system, they are outdated and unlike circuit breakers they do not trip when overloaded – they blow or short-circuit and need to be replaced by an electrical contractor. These fuse based systems were widely used when the average household did no use such power hungry electrical components and thus they are incapable of handling large loads. In rare cases, fuses can actually pose a fire hazard, and that is why many insurance companies actually refuse to insure homes that still use fuses. Thus, if your house still used fused based electrical panel, you should definitely get it upgraded.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

  2. Excessive use of power strips and cords:

    If you are overly dependent on powers strips or extension cords to provide your electrical appliances with power, it is high time you upgraded your electrical panel and installed some more outlets. Extension cords and power strips are fire hazards and you should run your electrical appliances directly from the electrical panel or install some more outlet and circuit.

  3. Frequent shortages:

    If you find that your electrical panel in Houston Tx, trips quiet often, or that your electrical appliances are acting weird when you plug them in, it is high time you call a licensed electrician who can perform an electrical service panel upgrade in Houston Tx efficiently, before something serious happens. Anything out of the ordinary can lead to a serious damage to your appliance or even your whole wiring.gfi-wiring-for-hot-tub-jacuzzi

  4. Home Improvement Projects:

    If you are planning on installing new heavy electrical appliances, then you should have your electrical panel upgrade in Houston Texas Mind you, the electrical appliances must be a power hungry device like AC, Refrigerator or Jacuzzis – if you are buying anew toaster you need not upgrade your electrical panel. Some heavy electrical appliances might need the latest electrical systems and thus might not work properly with your old electrical panel. The amp rating might not match causing outages throughout the house when you turn them on. It is thus advisable to consult an electrician contractor whether you need to upgrade your electrical panel before you buy a heavy electrical appliance.

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If you notice any of the above problems at your home, then you should call a licensed electrician immediately for an electrical panel upgrade in Houston Tx as soon as possible. Call us today @ (281) 712-6655 to know about electrical service panel upgrade in Houston Tx costs.

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